Flying Lanterns


    in memory

Heather's vision

"Heather is deeply missed.
Heather was a mix of everyone I know. She was so many things. She knew how to love and how
to hate. How to laugh and cry. She could hug like an octopus, yet there were stories about both
her right and left hook. We all know she was loved. I’m not sure she always knew. Like us, she
understood darkness. This is the reason Heather and I had the relationship we did."

                                                   - Chris Cain

                       Heather's Father/Founder of AJAYA


Heather was connected to AJAYA from the root. She would hand paint "AJAYA" onto socks and print designs on shirts and hoodies for the homeless. Her face would light up at the instance of a crisis call, no matter the time. She was such a big part of what we do and who we are. She loved it. It felt good to help, even drawing letters on socks. 



That is what this is about, a way to provide to those in need. We have made a safe way to help
and contribute to the same groups Heather enjoyed so much. We will do the footwork, go into the shelters and camps, and bring whatever is most beneficial.

Heather's light continues to shine, providing warmth to everyone her light touches. This warmth is a haven.

heathers socks.jpg

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A portion of the proceeds will go to providing resources to the homeless in our community